The "Star Theatre"
on the Army side

For Ganderites living on the former wartime military base, life was fairly simple.  For the younger set, formally organised activities were rare.  There was some hockey based around one of the arenas but most was done out in the gravel pit, on a frozen pond or some icy back street. There was an annual school play but most acting was learned through a game of cowboy and indians or "flying" airplanes out at the dump.  The girls had their own stereotyped games.  In those days before video games and cell phones, even before portable radios, kids had learn to socialize, to get along and make their own fun.

In an article in the "During the war" section, reference was made to the Globe Theatre. It was percieved as the "real" Gander theatre, as compared to the lowly Star theatre on the Army side.  However, the Star theatre probably had much more effect on the lives on the younger population, the scholl kids, who were profoundly influenced, without knowing, by what went on inside the threatre - and outside as well.

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