Bob's Gander History
by  Robert G Pelley

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11 August 2017
In the beginning of passenger travel by jet, there was always a competition among aviation companies concerning quality and especially speed. The biggest fight for supremacy seemed to be between Pan American and the British Overseas Airlines Company

The race Gander - New York
14 August 2017
Flying across the Atlantic in the early 40s was dangerous, pioneering world.  Navigation skills were the key to a successful crossing - but few were equipped to do it properly.  But Gander had a special tool to get them up to snuff.
Link trainers in Gander in World War Two

27 August 2017
Gander has seen a lot of aircraft accidents over the years, especially during the war.  This story by Darrell Hillier tells us about the very first.

When Lady Luck Smiles: Gander's First Crash - Hudson T9446

15 September 2017

The last website entry gave the story of the first crash in wartime Gander.  This one describes the last wartime crash.

                                                                                              Crash of the B-24

23 September 2017
Military groups had pillow cases and such to mark ther stay in Gander. Passengers going through the old terminal also picked similar item. Shown hear are three example

    Cloth souvenirs of old Gander

17 October 2017
In April 1941 the RCAF took over control of the airfield of Gander, returning it to civilian operation at the end of the war. Here it the story of the return of control.

The transition from war to peace

19 October 2017
After the war Gander Airport traded in its uniform for a civilian clothes. Rough-and-tough military traffic  was replaced by comfort-seeking, paying customers.

A "Tourist Guide" to pre-Confederation Gander