Bob's Gander History
by  Robert G Pelley


07 Aug 2022

When one thinks of "Old Gander, the images that come to mind are either piston engine wartime bombers and fighters or, later, the commercial aircraft that were first piston engine or jets.  But perhaps this usual typology overlooks another type of airplane that was neither piston-engine nor jet engine. In fact, during the period of overlap between the two, another type of engine was being produced – the turboprop.

Neither Piston nor Jet
16 Nov 2022

The story of the Royal Air Force Ferry Command is fairly well known.  However, in 1942, after one year of operation,  the boss of Ferry Command, AVM Bowhill, told the story of how the RAFFC had started,  how it worked,  what it had accomplished done and hat it hoped to do, It is an excellent summary.

Early article on Ferry Command
17 Jan 2023

Well-known writer, Nicolas Monsarrat, comes to Gander

19 March 2023

Most people when they look back on where they came from and "how things were back then!" tend to have pleasant memories.  School days, friends or perhaps a first kiss come to mind. But sometimes our memory shuts out the more difficult, dangerous pr even dumb things we did.  Such was the case for Old Gander.
Hidden dangers in Old Gander
18 April 2023

One might expect that Gander Newfoundland would not have much of a musical history.  After all, it was built out of nothing, along a railway track, miles from any real civilisation.  But surprisingly, music took root in many forms and ways.

                                                                       History of music in Old Gander

22 July 2023

To get aircraft safely across the Altantic meant having an excellent meteorological reporting system.  This article explains the weather ships that supported Gander's met services.

Atlantic weather ships