Bob's Gander History
by  Robert G Pelley

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20 April 2018
A "First Day Cover" from Gander points out an agreement that brought American forces to Newfoundland.  How did this affect Gander?

Gander FDC
28 April 2018
Another Gander hero - from controlling airplanes with GCA to controlling lunar modules with the NASA

Edward I Fendell
17 May 2018
The early days of Gander up to the moment it was considered officially completed, on 03 October 1939, is fairly are well known. The organisation and operation of Gander after it was taken over by the RCAF on 01 April 1941 is also fairly well documented. But what was the story of the period between the two?  This article by Darrell Hillier tells the story well.

Report by Raymand Manning, May 1940
09 June 2018
When oldtimers think about hospitals in Old Gander, the first that comes to mind would most likely be the Banting Memorial, where many Ganderites were born. The next would probably be the "American hospiital". There were in fact five hospitals on the old airport.

Hospitals in Old Gander
09 July 2018
Many B-17 Flying Fortress bombers went throigh Gander during the war. But the British also used these airplane. Here is the story of two of them.

Two interesting bombers in Gander
18 July 2018
Just a short artiicle showing two vans that represent well certains parts of the history of "Old Gander"-

Two long-forgotten Gander vehicles

25 July

Article DOT Met Office 1952.  Can be hard to read. The Iphone of the day was a Bownie Hawkeye. Rather than .docx, they used .typewriter. Copies were made by stencil. But better something than nothing!   This one was done by Bob Stark of the Met Office.
Dot Met 1952
31 July 2018
Two more DOT articles have just been pubish, completing three of three.

 DOT !953,Gander
  DOT !954,Gander
09 Aug

Who was the first post-wae manager of Gander airport.  Many names have been suggested such Eric Winsor, Jack James,  Rex Tilley or HAL Patterson. Historian Darrell Hillier finally solves the puzzle!

First post-war airport manager
10 Sept 2018
Old Gander, be it military or civilian, needed a strong and consistent source of electrical power  to illuminate  the runways, to power  offices and facilities and to provide lighgting for those living there.  This explains how it was done and who did it.

Electrical System in old Gander
20 Sept 2018
This article is about a sticker used when the Americans airmen sent parcels from Gander during the war.  Buut what could they possibly send?
Parcel sticker