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by  Robert G Pelley

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27 Oct 2021

A rare envelope from the Gander area with a return Address : DOT Radio Range

Radio Range Gander
04 Sept

Many have heard about the famous Sgt Gander, a Newfoundland dog originally called Pal, who got adopted by the Royal Regiment of Canada and "fought bravely" in Hong Kong in World War ii.   But Sgt Gander wasn't the only dog to have a military attachment to Gander Airport.  This great article by Darrell Hillier explains it all.

Gander' War Dog
18 Jan 2022

Airport pennants" became popular basically in the 1950s and 1960s.  Gander Airport have a few - and  they were not like all the rest.

Gander Airport Pennants
26 March 2022

Radio communication has always been very important in old Gander. There were the communication between army units, between the Canadian, RAF and American forces, between ground controlers and ferry flights, etc,  Sometimes forgotten are the amateur radio operators.  This article hopes to keep their story alive.

         Amateur Radio in Old Gander
06 May 2022


 I have often been asked about living accommodations in old Gander which evolved from a rough and ready construction site to a military base and then to a hub for commercial trans-Atlantic aviation. Each of these periods had its characteristics and requirements for different types of staff.  The objective of this article is to provide a brief overview of these periods and to describe summarily the residences that were available at different times.


                                                  Civilian Accommodations in Old Gander

01 June 2022

The website has already covered "official" communications in Old Gander, such as that used by the army, ferry operations, antisubmarine flying, civilian ground to air and the like.  Another article gave the history of amateur radio in Old Gander.  The present article aims to explain ordinary broadcast radio - where it started, how it progressed and how it got to where it is today, all because of one fellow ahead of his time.

              Public Broadcasting in Old Gander