Bob's Gander History
by  Robert G Pelley

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31 Oct 2018
A plane seat was recently donated to the Botwood Seaplane Museum. But what plane was it from? Did it have any special significance? Was it related to Gander?

A plane-seat mystery
15 November 2018
Back in the "old days", there existed a system in Newfoundland schools to incite kids to develop good habits with money. This was the saving-stamp system.  Gander school kids were among the best in Newfoundland at it!

27 November 2018
During World War Two, many thousands of B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bombers flew through Gander on their way to Europe, as part of the Royal Air Force or, more likely, the US Army Air Force. Many of them were shot down or crashed for different reasons. Some made it back to North America after the war.  But just a few came back "in civilian clothes"!

09 December 2018
The story of the overall electrical system in old Gander has already been presented.  This next article, by Darrell Hillier, gives greater information on the the first power house.

Opening of the first power house

23 December 2018
Christmas in Old Gander, because of the mix of civilian and military, the cross-pollination of Canadian, British, American and local culture and its solid base of Newfoundland tradition, was like none other. Have a look why!

Christmas in Old Gander
06 February 2019
How did soldiers and civilians feed theselves in Old Gander during the war and just after?  Did they grow their own food?  Was it brought in from the Mainland?  This article tells the basic story.

"Farming" in Old Gander
26 February 2019
In Old Gander there were two companies that refuelled the airplanes landing there, namely Shell and Esso, along with Esso's predecessor, Intava.  Each company had its particular contracts. So how come one aircraft had trucks from two different companies around it?

The Gander refuelling puzzle
20 March 2019
While Gander was the stopping point for land-based airplanes, there were also two early places for flying boats, namely Botwood and Gleneagles, near Appleton. Around the same period a marine base was being built on Gander Lake just below the airport.  What was the relation between these water-landing sites?

The Botwood - Gleneagles Story
12 April 2019
American servicemen in Gander lived in a pretty rugged wartime base environment. There was no smokeshop, corner store  or "5 and 10" when one needed to buy different sundries or knickknacks.  The solution was a PX, a Post Exchange.

The American Post Exchange in old Gander
18 May 2019
For most people, transportation in the history of Gander refers basically to airplanes.  But without the train, the Newy Bullet, there would not have been a Gander.

    Gander and the Railway