Bob's Gander History
by  Robert G Pelley

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23 September 2017
Military groups had pillow cases and such to mark ther stay in Gander. Passengers going through the old terminal also picked similar item. Shown hear are three example

    Cloth souvenirs of old Gander

17 October 2017
In April 1941 the RCAF took over control of the airfield of Gander, returning it to civilian operation at the end of the war. Here it the story of the return of control.

The transition from war to peace

19 October 2017
After the war Gander Airport traded in its uniform for a civilian clothes. Rough-and-tough military traffic  was replaced by comfort-seeking, paying customers.

A "Tourist Guide" to pre-Confederation Gander

02 November 2017
Getting bombers across the Atlantic wasn't only a military operation.  A whole lot of civilian support was needed.

Trans World Airways aids the Atlantic ferry effort


05 November 2017
November weather in Gander can be unpredictable  and even treacherous. November 1955 was no exception.

Seaboard and Western "Geneva Airtrader" goes off the runway

15 November 2017
In 1954 what seemedt o be a perfectly operational airplane ran off a runway in GanderWhat happened?
An Air France Constellation runs off a Gander runway

11 December 2017
The local history of the different airlines that used Gander Airport has pretty much been lost.  .This article hopes to throw some light on the operations in Gander of Pan American World Airways

Pan Am in Gander