Bob's Gander History
by  Robert G Pelley

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06 March 2021

For the longest time Gander was a busy airport.  In wartime it was imperative to keep the runways open for obvious military reasons.  After the war, civilian carriers took up the load. Help was needed when a large aircraft could not be towed or moved with its own power.

Paul Bunyan to the rescue.
01 May 2021

On this website we have looked in detail at major airlines such as Pan American World Airways, Trans World Airlines and Trans Canada Airlines (Air Canada).  Now is the time to look at one of the shorter lived airline companies.

American Overseas Airlines in Gander
09 May 2021

The original construction of the airport during the late 1930s has been fairly well covered.  The present article has for objective to add other details, especially with respect to the early runway lighting and aids to landing.

Gander 1940: Technical details
30 May 2021

Sometimes the nicest things are the smallest.  Sometimes they come from unexpected places. This is certainly the case with this item.

A Wonderful wartime artifact
09 July 2021

A lot has been written about the very early history of Gander. But it nice to see a short article written by an "outsider" with a professional eye who comes upon Gander for first time.  It is even better when another professional takes the time to summarise it all.

Gander 1941
29 July 2021

RCAF airmen "up on the mainland" knew there much important mlitary activity going on in Gander.  But to most, it did not like look like the choicest of postings. Someone needed to put their minds to rest.

Welcome to Gander - 1944
04 August 2021

And now the sory of a pilot who could manoeuvre two-engine and four-engine heavy bombers better than most fighter pilots could a small Spitfire. But this chap got no medals, not even a recommendation.  He never saw combat. He did however manage to get himself court martialed and was finally killed in a crash.

One of Canada's best pilots flies in Gander
20 Sept 2021

Just a short, but interesting, article from a 1938 aviation magazineee about Gander in late 1938 when construction was underway.

Gander 1938
29 Sept 2021

The  Lockheed Hudson bomber was a very important aircraft in the history of Gander.  For those who would like to  learn more about how it evolved from a small civilian airliner to a military aircraft, the story can be found here.

Hudson bomber manual
27 Oct 2021

A rare envelope from the Gander area with a return Address : DOT Radio Range

Radio Range Gander