RCAF Gander
Christmas Card 1941

The cover page is without frills as would be expected in early wartime, especially in that year of 1941, when the trans-Atlantic ferry had only a year under its belt.  By now, the Battle of Britain with its Spitfires and Hurricanes had given way to the just as important Battle of the Atlantic,  based on airplanes like the Canso and Digby.

The left inside page contains a short Christmas message, most likely to the sender's wife, with mention of another person who is probably his son.  I suppose family is, was then and always will be a main focus of the Christmas season, especially for military personnel far from home.


The right inside page probably sums up Gander in that general period: lakes, the great outdoors but overhead what looks like Hudson bomber to remind everyone of the great and noble task ahead.  Luckily for us they did their job well.