RCAF Gander
Christmas Cards

Official Christmas cards were sent fron Newfoundland Airport as early as 1939.  In that particular case they were issued by the Civilian Airport Authority.  

It is uncertain if there was an official card in 1940 because Gander was in a state of flux.  This was the year that Canadian Pacific Air Service began, followed almost immediately by ATFERO, the Atlantic Ferry Organisation, with the first trans-Atlntic flights in November.

In February 1940, the first two RCAF Hudsons arrived in Gander  and early in the year  Canadian Army Engineers arrived to set up camps for the infantry and artillery required for airport security.

In June, the !st Bn Black Watch arrived for local protection and in the same month,  five aircraft of 10 Bomber Reconnaissance Squadron, operating Digbys, arrived for anti-submarine operations.

While the RCAF did not take over  the base officially until april 1941, by the end of 1940 the "militarization" of Gander was well under way. It would appear that in 1940, Christmas card were not the priority.  However any info that could confirm or infirm that theory would be appreciated.

As shown in the following pages, there were RCAF cards in 1941, 1943 and 1943.  RAF Ferry Command and Transport commands may have also issued Christmas card from 1941 on.

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